A small introduction

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A small introduction

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Good day everybody,

My name is ron van Wissing, first of all i need to make 2 appologies to everyone 1st for my lack of absence the last year ( has been a tough year ) and second
for my use of english. I can read german and understand german but can barely speak it and writing it is even more difficult for me.

I participated last year at Kasteel Hoensbroek where i was very welcomed by you all. Now that my problems are behind me i hope to participate more
in the numerous events you organise :-)

a little personal information for those who like to know who i am

like stated at the beginning my name is ron van Wissing i live in the netherlands/Holland, very close to kasteel hoensbroek.
I am the happy father of a boy of 11 and a girl of 4 besides my children and fascination for medieval life i have a dog, 2 cats and a parrot.

this concludes my little presentation.
i hope to see you all soon

With kind regards,
Ron van Wissing
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Re: A small introduction

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Hi ron!

I guess well see each other very soon :-)
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