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Hoi Hoi

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Well I think I should introduce myself also

first of al sorry it's in english but thats easier for me than writing German. Speaking German well I can do it a little bit but writing it , hmm I think I never paid attention in class.

I'm JoÁ«lla, at this time 28 years old and I'm from Brunssum the netherlands.

Got to learn a few of you last month at Kasteel Hoensbroek thanks to Ruud en Anja who introduced me .
Thanks for that :D . I had such a great time, meeting new people , admiring all the beautifull clothes , etc etc.

Don't now what to say more , but iff you wanna know something just feel free to ask

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Re: Hoi Hoi

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Greetings Joella

Im glad to hear that you appreciated our company in Hoensbroek. Feel free to visit us more often
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